We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: December is a busy time to be a fundraiser. You’re probably very ready for some time off soon! We hope you’re looking forward to celebrating the holidays with friends and family.

When you get some downtime, here are five episodes from our Nothing But Major Gifts podcast that we hope will inspire you and get you excited about next year.


1. Taking Your Donor to the Scene Without Promoting a Savior Mentality

We talk a lot about the importance of taking your donor to the scene so that the need feels real and personal to them. But there’s a risk of exploiting the very communities you serve if their stories are not told in an honoring way.

So how do you share stories of transformation from your community, without suggesting a savior mentality? To help us unpack this topic, we invited a special guest to join us: Aliguma Young, Founding CEO of The Super Fundraiser. We hope the conversation inspires you to think about your own relationship to the community you serve.

Listen to the episode here.

2. Terrible Things Non-Profits Do That Drive Donors Away

Most fundraisers have the best of intentions. But it’s shocking how many organizations have internalized some misguided views of fundraising without realizing how their mindset is hurting their donor relationships.

On this episode, Jeff and Richard talk about what it looks like when fundraising leaders and professionals don’t prioritize the donor. Remember, donors are not a means to an end. They’re the lifeblood of your organization and partners in achieving your mission.

Listen to the episode here.

3. The Veritus Way in Action: Interviews with Our Clients

To tell you more about how The Veritus Way works, we’ve invited a couple of our clients to share about their experiences with the Veritus approach to fundraising. You may recognize some of your own challenges in their stories and successes.

Listen to the episode here.

4. Bringing Your Authentic Self to Your Work

Many non-profit employees say that their workplace culture has created an environment where they’re not comfortable or do not feel safe bringing their authentic selves to work. And this is particularly damaging in fundraising, where you need to bring a certain amount of vulnerability because of the deeply personal nature of your work with donors.

To help promote authenticity in non-profit organizations, this episode features two special guests. We invited Rachel Wyley, CEO of Culture Kinesis, and Paul Towne, Executive Search Consultant at Cooper Coleman, to guide us along this journey toward authenticity.

Listen to the episode here.

5. Tiering Your Donors: The Ultimate Caseload Management Strategy

Do you have a strategy to help you allocate your time per donor?

The reality is, you only have so much time in a day. And you need to be a good steward of that time. So, while we value all donors as people, the impact they have is not equal. Some will give much more than others, and those donors need a bigger investment of your time and energy.

Listen to the episode here.