What are you thinking?Your caseload donor has been making some new year’s resolutions. You know she has. And they likely include a review of her giving in 2018 and her relationship to the various organizations she donates to.
What is she thinking?
Likely, it goes one of two ways, as it relates to you and your organization.
It either sounds like this:

  • All they care about is my money.
  • I really don’t know if my giving has made a difference.
  • My contact at the organization doesn’t really listen well. I don’t think he knows me very well.
  • I’m wondering if I should stay in this relationship.

Or, it sounds like this:

  • My experience with [insert your organization name] has been so good.
  • I truly feel like I’m a partner, making a lot of good happen.
  • I know that my giving is making a difference.
  • My contact at the organization knows me and what I care about.
  • This is such a good experience that I may consider doing more.

Take a few hours, early in this year, to put each of your qualified caseload donors into one of these two camps. It’s true, some may straddle both; but if they do, put them in the first camp because you have work to do.
Then consider what you might change about how you’re relating to your donors – so that most (if not all) of your donors will, at the end of this year, be able to say that being part of your team was a good experience for her. (Tweet it!)
All of this could be your new year’s resolution on how to care more for your good donors.