Qualifying Donors for Major Gift CaseloadsA free White Paper from Veritus Group
Completely updated in 2016 with sample documents!

“Many donors won’t even return my call, and I am so frustrated!” said the MGO. When we checked to see why, it was not surprising to find that a majority of the donors on this MGO’s caseload did not want to connect. Why? Because the donors on this caseload (like those of hundreds of MGOs like him around the country) had not been qualified.
This is a core problem in major gift fundraising: well‐intentioned MGOs talking to the wrong donors. So we want to help you find the donors in your donor base that actually want to relate to you in a more meaningful way.
This white paper contains over 30 pages of detail to help you create your own qualified caseload, with sample letters and surveys to use with your own donors.
What you will learn in this White Paper:

  1. Why you should qualify donors on your caseload;
  2. What pool of donors you should qualify from;
  3. How to discover if donors want to relate personally.

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