Many frontline fundraisers do not think about the donor’s story as they are creating and executing their plan with that donor. That’s usually because the pressure to secure the donation has clouded the relationship. Rest assured – this is a normal situation to be in.

But it’s good to stop and think about this as you’re planning your next steps with the donor.

Remember that buried deep within the heart and spirit of your good donor is a desire to make a difference on the planet. That’s why they give.

In the middle of the whirl of modern-day life, where it seems that everyone is busy with acquiring and consuming, there is that ray of light in the donor’s existence that seeks to make another person’s life better, to build a refuge for that animal, to save a forest, to find a cure to a dreaded disease – to make a difference.

And that is the donor’s story. It’s a question your donor asks most every day. “How can I do something meaningful today? Something that interests me – that is close to my heart?”

So, as you’re reading this, stop and think of the donors you will be contacting today, or this week or in the next month. Ask yourself: “What is that donor’s story?” And, if you don’t know, make it your next step to connect with that donor and ask them. Do this one thing before you continue.

And when you know their story, you will then be ready to match them with the societal needs your organization is addressing. This will pave the way for an authentic and meaningful interaction with your donor.

And, believe me, that’s a conversation that will bring a tremendous amount of joy to your donor as they experience being heard and seen. And the money will follow. It will.

In everything you do with your donor, be sure you first uncover and hear your donor’s story. Then work at being part of it. The result will be good for both of you.