noiseThere’s a lot of COVID-19 noise out there.
A lot!
People telling you how to do things. How not to do things. How to think. What to avoid.
We long for silence. A quiet place to be grounded. A place where we can think about what’s right and what’s true in fundraising and major and planned gift work.
The noise is almost unbearable. Some have even coined a phrase “Zoom fatigue.”
I know I feel disoriented. Jeff and I and our team talk about it a lot. And we’re getting feedback from many of the multiple hundreds of MGOs our team manages. The stress is high. The isolation is great.
When I get to this place in my life, even during normal times, I’ve learned to stop and ask myself one question: “what’s truly important here?”
And then I spend time thinking about the answer. It helps me sort out the debris that has accumulated.
So, taking this approach, what should be the very basic thing you should be concerned about, that relates to the donors on your caseload and donors in general?
Jeff and I think it boils down to continuing to care about the donor’s security and safety, and continuing to help the donor express their passions and interests.
That’s it. Nothing more.
As you read this, you may be asking yourself “what should I do today with (insert donor’s name)?” Just keep it simple. Continue to express your care for the donor and her loved ones, and continue to help the donor express her passions and interests.
I know of several situations right now where that’s not happening. Where donors are wanting to help the organization they love and the people and causes they serve, but the leaders and managers of those organizations aren’t doing anything to help donors channel their desires. It’s so sad.
I know those leaders and managers are stressed out. There’s so much to think about, so much to change, so many adjustments to make, etc. But they would do well to ask themselves “what is truly important here?” And if they did that – if they got back to the basics, everything would get simpler and they would be doing the right things.
So, sweep out the cobwebs in your life, heart and mind. Cover your ears and drown out the noise. Stop and think about what’s important right now for your donors. (Tweet it!)
Then do that one item. And things will get simpler, quieter and easier to manage.