A goal without a plan is just a wish.
“I don’t know how I’m going to reach the goals that have been set for me,” said the MGO. And with that one statement, this MGO joined the thousands of other MGOs we have worked with over the years, who come to this time of the year – the last quarter of the calendar year – wondering (with a significant amount of stress and worry) if this will be the year they fail at delivering the revenue they promised.
It is not a pleasant experience; Jeff and I know that. We have been in the situation ourselves, so we know what it feels like. The last quarter of the year is when, most likely, a majority of your revenue will come in. No doubt about it – as a major gift officer, you are now in the busiest, most productive time of your year.
So before you start putting in those 60-hour work weeks and go from meeting to meeting, we want you to step back just a bit to reflect on where you are, what you have done and how you need to approach the next three months so you can make your goals.
For 15 years Veritus Group has been working with dozens of non-profits and hundreds of major gift officers. In that time we have developed a step-by-step End of Year Success Program” to assure that YOU end the year making or exceeding your revenue goals.
We put this “End of Year Success Program” into a Major Gift Academy short course for you called Making Your Year-End Goals, which starts September 26th.
One of the most common failures in the major gifts field is the lack of planning for each donor on the MGO’s caseload. You know how it is. You have a vague idea about what you are going to do with this donor or that one. But you don’t write it down. You don’t sequence the plan. And basically, it’s not strategic.
And if you DO have a plan, another area where you may find yourself falling down is having the confidence to execute that plan in an effective way.
That is why Jeff and I have put this 6-hour, 3-week course together – so you can go into this critical period for major gift fundraising armed with all the tools you need to ensure your success.
Here’s another way to look at this:

  • What if you knew you would make your revenue goal this year?
  • What if you knew how you were going to do it?
  • What if you could feel a sense of control and know what you need to do each week to reach your goal?
  • What if you could make sure you are doing a better job of connecting your donor’s passions and interests with your organization’s mission?
  • And you did all of this with confidence, enthusiasm and an attitude of success!

If everything lined up for you so all of this were true in your life, I am sure you would be a very happy person. And that’s exactly how we intend this course to work, so that after you complete the End of Year Success Program” you will:

  • Know exactly which donors are your priority.
  • Know how to connect with them and inspire passion in your donors.
  • Know how to put the right offer in front of them and solicit them for a transformational
  • Know how to deal with their objections.
  • Feel much more confident and clear and less scattered and worried.
  • Have a solid plan and know what you need to do to implement that plan.

So help is on the way.
Jeff and I encourage you to take this on-line course, which will be delivered via a mix of webinar, podcast, written content, and worksheets. You will be guided through an eight-step end of year process. These eight steps will provide the blueprint you need to reach your goals.
Goals are only wishes if there is no plan. And a plan without confidence is a plan that you cannot execute. So please join us, starting September 26th for this important educational and motivational course on Making Your Year-End Goals. It will be the best investment of your time you can make.
Also, as you go into this very important time of year, please know that Jeff and I, and our entire team, are supporting you behind the scenes. We know you are facing some very big challenges in these months. But take heart, and know that you can do it! You can achieve your goals.
And when things get especially tough, lift your eyes up above the dark clouds and the storm, and focus on the good that you are doing. That makes the struggle worth it. Because of you, solid help is coming to a person or place or animal in need. Keep remembering that, and it will bring you joy, and it will bring light to the darkness.
PS – The course is only $297, and you’ll be so much more prepared for the coming months. If you’re ready to register today, click here.