Evaluating and Rewarding Major Gift Officer Performance.We just finished 2018, and you’re keeping an eye on whether or not you and your staff have made their fundraising revenue goals. It can be a nail-biting time – or you can finally feel good that your plans have paid off. In either case, you’re going to be figuring out which staff did well, and which of them under-performed.
In major gift programs, we at Veritus believe that good management is at the heart of good performance. When major gift officers have plans and goals that are worked out in advance with managers, and when communication is strong, the resulting team can produce powerful results. (Tweet it!)
The interesting thing about major gifts (this is a generalization) is that most nonprofits do not measure cause and effect. And if they do, they do it wrong. It is not enough just to say “we have a 10% increase over last year in our major gifts category” and really feel good about it. Much more is needed.
Since the subject of MGO performance and the related subjects of performance metrics, credit issues and compensation are hot topics this time of year, we wanted to draw attention to our White Paper to help guide your thinking and present some tangible ways to measure and reward performance as you look back on 2018.
What you will learn in this White Paper:

  1. What metrics should be used to evaluate MGO performance;
  2. How to determine whether a gift should be credited to an MGO’s work;
  3. Whether your nonprofit is paying the right MGO salary, and when a raise or bonus is appropriate

Read how to evaluate and reward Major Gift Officer Performance. Download this free white paper by clicking here.