I was inspired by a recent blog post by Seth Godin where he said: “The thing you need, the road ahead, the element that will transform your [fundraising]—it appears to be inconvenient.”

When I think about the clients we’ve had over the years who have been truly successful with their mid-level, major gifts, and planned giving programs, they have all embraced the inconvenience of The Veritus Way. Things like:

  • Structure
  • Accountability
  • Focus
  • Learning
  • Management
  • Relationships

All of these attributes are inconvenient for most non-profits’ leaders, managers, and frontline fundraisers because it’s very hard work. 

It’s much easier to go after the transaction, the money. 

At Veritus, we’ve made mistakes in the past bringing on clients we thought were ready to tackle the hard work. In truth, those clients failed because they didn’t really want to be inconvenienced. 

Today, we are extremely selective to only work with clients that want to do the hard work to build authentic relationships with donors. 

Only a few non-profits are ready to be inconvenienced. That’s okay. We love working with non-profits that want to take that leap, and the results have been transformative – for them, for their donors, and for their mission.  

And honestly, it’s much more fun!