In case you missed it, here’s a recap of our latest webinars, podcast episodes, and more resources to help you raise more revenue for your mission!

NEW Podcast Episode:

Finding the Right Job: Tips from a Non-Profit Recruiting Expert

When you’re looking for your next fundraising position, how do you evaluate which opportunities are most aligned with your skills and interests? What questions should you ask in your conversations with hiring managers to learn more about their culture and evaluate whether the role is a good fit?

In this podcast episode, Karen and Matt are joined by special guest Paul Towne, VP of Executive Search with Cooper Coleman. As a search consultant who works exclusively with non-profit and social impact organizations, Paul has extensive knowledge about how to interview for the right roles and identify which opportunities will be the best fit for you.

We hope this conversation gives you some helpful ideas and tools to use when you’re interviewing for your next fundraising role! Listen here.


The Hidden Problem That’s Costing Non-Profits Thousands (or Maybe Millions!) of Dollars

Donor attrition (and donor value attrition) remains a hidden problem for most non-profits. You may be losing more revenue than you think. In this webinar, Jeff shares how Veritus Group has diagnosed issues of donor attrition and value attrition in hundreds of data files, and he offers some tips for how you can take action to address your donor attrition rates. Watch the replay here.

NEW Podcast Episode:

Working From Your Energy: Bringing Your Best Self to Your Work With Donors

When you work at a non-profit organization, just as in any job, there will be times that you feel stuck, discouraged, or uninspired. This work is hard, and it’s not uncommon to experience feelings of burnout or frustration.

In this episode, Karen and Renita share some questions to ask yourself on days you feel stuck to help you approach your energy differently. We hope these suggestions leave you feeling encouraged with some strategies to help you move forward, bring your best self to work with your donors, and find more satisfaction in your daily work! Listen here.


Major Gifts Unleashed: Crack the Code with Donor Qualification!

When you’re determining who should be on a major gift caseload, it’s not enough to simply say, well, they meet the giving criteria, or they’re “qualified” as a prospect. You must find those donors who want to engage in a relationship and deepen their connection to your work.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about our proven process for qualifying donors for major gifts, and you’ll also hear from special guests with the fundraising team at the East Texas Food Bank about how they’ve applied these strategies in their daily work with donors. Watch the replay here.

NEW White Paper:

Removing Obstacles to Major Gift Fundraising

What’s preventing your non-profit from seeing greater success in major gifts? In this white paper, we’re sharing some of the most common and avoidable issues we’ve seen – not to embarrass anyone or make you feel bad, but to help you and your organization identify where you need to improve so you can grow and thrive.

Here’s a list of the top challenges in major gift fundraising, sorted by category. And if you see yourself or your organization in these descriptions, you’re in good company! We’ve helped many organizations to remove these barriers, and we believe you can do this too. Download your FREE copy here.


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