thank youAt Veritus, we want you to know that you’re amazing! As Richard and I have said many times, we think you have the hardest job in the non-profit community. And now, in the midst of this crisis, your work has been made even harder.
You may be in a state of pure exhaustion. You may have competing priorities: working from home, juggling kids, perhaps with elderly parents, finding the time to do what you love to do… and connecting with donors.
Or you may be in your house or apartment alone, isolated from others and feeling lonely and disconnected from friends and relatives. Yet you’re getting up every morning and figuring out how to further the mission of the organization that you love so much.
Our staff at Veritus had a team happy hour the other night. We are all tired, but one thing that binds us all together are the words of fundraisers like you – people who are telling us amazing stories about the donors you’re connecting with each day. Those stories keep us going because we know what’s happening.
What’s happening is that donors are being cared for, and you’re allowing them to express their passions and interests by being that bridge every day that brings their desire to change the world together with the need your mission is addressing.
Major gift fundraising has always been highly emotional. But now in these times, that’s been taken to another level. Not only are you helping donors do good in the world, but you’re also a listening ear to people who are in pain, who are struggling with their own anxiety, and who wonder about our future.
You’re a calming person who is giving your donor hope and a sense of stability… even as you struggle yourself.
From all of us at Veritus we want to thank you for all your good work, for persevering through a very difficult time, and for allowing donors to find joy and hope in the middle of a crisis that is extremely painful for all of us.
As we all start a new week together, let’s continue to be kind to ourselves, those around us, our colleagues, and our donors – who all need you. Fundraisers are always the light that good people are drawn to. You are a light to others during a time of darkness. (Tweet it!)
Thank you.