top secretThere IS a secret formula in major gifts, and I’m going to reveal it at the end of this blog. This formula was used with donors recently and caused these gifts to come in:

  • Four MGOs raised $1 million for COVID-19 assistance
  • $10,000 donor gave $15,000 for faith-based work
  • Donor gave $75,000 to preschool program
  • Donor gave additional gift of $135,000 for international work
  • 94-year-old donor gave $25,000 to the arts
  • $20,000 donor gave $30,000 to public media
  • “Cold” donor gave $50,000 to education
  • $5,000 donor gave $25,000 to COVID-19 relief
  • Donor gave $125,000 to the arts
  • First-time donor gave $100,000 to cancer research
  • Humane Society donor gave $25,000 for animal care

All of these gifts were made in the last 90 days, many of them in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis. Please notice that only a few are related to coronavirus assistance. Also notice that many different non-profit sectors are represented here.
This is only a very small sample of what’s happening out in the marketplace because enlightened fundraisers are using the major gift secret formula.
What is it?
It’s pretty basic.
In every case, the MGO is giving the donor something she values very much – the MGO is giving the donor the opportunity to DO something she truly cares about.
That’s the secret formula.
Why isn’t your caseload donor responding to you? Well, you could blame it on the virus. But that’s really not it. The real truth is this: you aren’t giving the donor something they value. That’s why they’ve turned their head and you’ve lost their interest.
Giving is doing just fine these days for those organizations and fundraisers who are using the secret formula.
You can use it, too. But don’t wait too long.