Typically, the attitude we see when non-profits hire someone is that they believe the newly hired person should be grateful to the organization for selecting them, and that they need to demonstrate their value quickly to prove they are a good investment.

What if we turned that around?

What if our idea of management was about how much we could give to the employee so they could find fulfillment and joy in their work?

At Veritus, Richard and I often write about how non-profits should value donors, develop authentic relationships with them to build trust, and understand their passions and interests with the intent of helping donors make a positive impact on the world.

But are you doing this with your own staff?

It is pure hypocrisy for you to be relationship-focused when it comes to investing in donor relationships but NOT investing in your own people.

Provide good management by giving your staff a clear understanding of what they need to do, allowing them the resources to do it, and providing ongoing coaching, accountability, guidance, encouragement, celebration, and care. That is what will help your people find joy in their work.

This is why managing is a sacred act… caring for your people is the most human, loving thing you can do.

The result of giving so much time, resources, energy, and care to your staff is they will develop amazing relationships with their donors and colleagues, which will directly result in more net revenue for your mission.

What is preventing you from providing this kind of management to your people? What would your non-profit look like if it did?