I was talking to a major gift officer the other day who was telling me how taking our fundraising courses has changed her career and made a huge impact on her organization.

She shared all about how she’s  implemented The Veritus Way into her work, and how hard, yet incredibly effective it’s been.

But then she said something that took me aback, though it shouldn’t have. She said:

“Jeff, it’s the craziest thing, but as I’m reaching out to donors to introduce myself and to ask forgiveness for all the years my organization never communicated to them, the donors are telling me how happy they are to hear from me. So many donors have told me that no one from ANY organization has ever called them to get to know them. I mean, these are donors who are giving $5,000, $10,000, and even $20,000 gifts to my non-profit and to others! This has resulted in people doubling, tripling, and giving gifts way beyond what I thought possible.”

So, the simple act of reaching out to your donors to connect with them could be one the most profound things your organization can do to launch and build your major gift program.

The story I just told you also tells me something else. YOU and your organization will stand out among all the other non-profits who don’t treat donors well. And, when it’s time to ask for a gift, who will the donor remember?


I challenge you to carve out some time in your schedule today and call three of your donors just to thank them and learn something new about them that you didn’t know. It will have a lasting impact.

Your donors are waiting to hear from you.