We know. Your organization is amazing. Yes, it is.

Jeff and I know this.

The vision and mission statements are compelling. They are!

The new CEO – goodness, could not have found a better one. And she brought those great strategies and connections in. Impressive. They really are.

And the culture you’ve created is something else. Plus, that board. Whew! What a roster of upstanding, talented, influential people! Can’t be beat.

And did I mention your facilities? That new building. The state-of-the-art program center where an amazing staff make your mission happen. Nothing quite like it. I know.

And no one approaches the execution of your program like you do. In fact, there are a lot of industry and sector thought leaders who comment on it. Nothing quite like it. Yep, we know this as well.

But does all of this matter to the donor?

Not really.

Your donor might say it does. And, to some extent, she will be impressed. But it will not drive her to give. Because your organization stuff doesn’t really matter to her as much as what you’re doing to address the societal problem she cares about.

Remember, your internal “insider” view of your organization only really matters to the insiders. Your donor only cares about the outcomes and impact of their giving.

When was the last time you proved to your donor that her giving made a difference? Check and see. Because that’s the most important impression you can make in her life. (Tweet it!)