Video is, without a doubt, the way of the future. And, with video taking such a prominent role during the COVID-19 pandemic, donors are now expecting it and are more open to connecting in this way.

Over the last few years, we’ve heard some incredible stories about how fundraisers are using video touch points to engage their donors. We’ve wrapped up some of our favorites here, with tips and recommendations to help you do the same thing with your donors.

  1. Using video as a qualification series touch point.

    One of our VGA participants shared that they are using Gratavid as a touch point in the qualification. The process was pretty simple. The MGO created a video in Gratavid and sent it to the donor. But here’s why this was so effective: in the video, the MGO is standing in front of a whiteboard with a note saying, “Thank you, DONOR NAME” while recording the video. The video image in the email shows this same view, which immediately makes the video personal and something the donor wants to check out. The MGO said the engagement and response to this email have been amazing.

  2. Share a behind the scenes moment.

    The great thing about video is that it doesn’t need to be professional to be effective. One of our clients created a special moment for his donors by doing a quick, shaky video on his phone of a behind the scenes event their organization was hosting. It was only about 30 seconds and he sent it to just a few donors who had been long-time supporters of the program. The donors were absolutely thrilled by the special touch.

  3. Give your donor a one of a kind thank you.

    We talk often about reporting back on the impact a donor has made. It’s absolutely critical that you do this because it’s one of the main reasons donors continue to give. You can use a system, like Gratavid, to send your own thank you message to a donor. We’ve also heard from fundraisers who have used video to be able to share thank you videos from the people who are directly impacted by the donor’s gift. What an incredible way to show your donors how they’re making a difference!

  4. Share insider info with a quick program update.

    Insider information is one of the types of touch points we recommend you incorporate into your communication plan. It helps deepen the donor’s connection to your organization and makes them feel like part of the community, not just an ATM. You could share an update from a Program Manager, news from the field, or even a clip from a board meeting to bring the donor in.

Video is THE thing right now. When you make the donor feel personally seen and recognized by using technology in a way that’s creative and doesn’t take a lot of time, you can really elevate the way you’re connecting with your donors.

If you aren’t using video touch points in your communication with donors yet, we hope this encourages you to get started!

PS — Looking for more ideas for meaningful donor touch points? Check out our White Paper on Digital Touch Points: Meaningful Ways to Connect With Donors.