We’ve rounded up some of the latest and greatest content pieces from our team here at Veritus Group, just in case you missed it. Whether you’re looking for your next podcast episode to download or just some fresh inspiration for your work as a fundraiser this fall, we’ve got you covered!

NEW Podcast Episode – The Three Legs of a Successful Planned Giving Program

Planned giving is an essential part of relational fundraising, yet so many fundraisers avoid it simply because they don’t have a system that supports them to engage donors in this way. In this episode, we discuss the three legs that make up a successful planned giving program. Tune in to learn how to build a program that will support your fundraisers in securing more planned gifts for your organization’s mission. Listen here.

Webinar Replay – 3 Steps to Triple Your Mid-Level Donor’s Giving

In this webinar, Jeff and Kara shared about our system and structure that will help you inspire more giving from your mid-level donors. Be sure to watch the replay for some great tips and strategies for cultivating your donor relationships and inspiring larger gifts.

NEW Podcast Episode – How to Be More Efficient in Your Year-End Planning

Hopefully by now, you’re well on your way with year-end planning! But if you’re suddenly realizing how quickly the season is approaching, check out this podcast episode to learn some tips and strategies for building efficiencies into your year-end plan. And remember, we always recommend that by the time you see Pumpkin Spice on the menu, it’s year-end planning time! Don’t wait until it’s Peppermint Mocha season. Listen here.

Featured Resource – Caseload Management Checklist

How do you stay on track to meet your overall goals for your donor caseload when there are so many things competing for your attention? To help you stay on track with your primary responsibilities as an MGO, we’ve created a printable checklist of what to do and when. We hope this helps give you a sense of direction when you’re feeling in the weeds with your day-to-day workload! Download your copy here.

Question of the Month What are the steps to move out of a fundraising model that’s based on membership, annual giving, or events?

Many non-profit organizations have revenue streams that rely primarily on events-based strategies, membership programs, or an annual giving model. While these strategies can certainly be valuable, they tend to promote a transactional giving mindset that limits the organization’s fundraising revenue. These transactional approaches often divert dollars and attention away from the one-to-one relational strategies that form the foundation of a healthy major gifts program.

To continue to grow into the future, our clients have recognized the need to move to a relational fundraising model that’s centered on learning the donor’s passions and interests, connecting them to the mission, and reporting back on the impact of each individual gift.

In this Question of the Month video, Karen and Jeff explain that you don’t need to abandon these strategies in order to adopt a more relational approach. Watch the video here.


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