It’s been a busy summer! We’ve rounded up some of the latest and greatest content pieces from our team here at Veritus Group, just in case you missed it. Whether you’re looking for your next podcast episode to download or just some fresh inspiration for your work as a fundraiser, we’ve got you covered!

A fundraiser meeting with a donor.

NEW Podcast Episode – Dealing With Boundaries and Inappropriate Situations with Donors

Fundraisers are tasked with bringing in funds for an important cause, but that should never come at the expense of their personal well-being. Non-profit staff need to be clear on their own personal boundaries, and they need to feel the support of their organization when a situation arises with a donor.

In this episode featuring special guest Rachel Wyley, CEO and Founder of Culture Kinesis, we talk about the power dynamics at play and how fundraisers and leaders can respond when a donor says or does something that crosses a line. Listen here.

Hands holding a network of light (Getting to $4.6 Million: The Anatomy of a Transformational Gift)

Webinar Replay – Getting to $4.6 Million: The Anatomy of a Transformational Gift

We had a great conversation earlier this month in this live webinar featuring Kara Ansotegui, Director of Client Services, and Diana Frazier, Senior Client Experience Leader, about how you can inspire more transformational gifts. Be sure to watch the replay for some great tips and strategies for cultivating your donor relationships and inspiring larger gifts.


UPDATED White Paper – Events and Major Gift Fundraising

What should be the role of events in major gift fundraising? And where do events fit into a post-pandemic world? For many non-profits, events have been the go-to fundraising solution. Often these events are deemed a great success, but the truth is that they often bring in low net revenue and even lower retention of event donors.

Now, it’s important to be clear: events can have a place in your fundraising strategy. But they’re not a substitute for major gifts. Events are just one of the tools in your major gift fundraising toolbox. And when done right, you can use an event to deepen your donor relationships and build creative collaboration internally.

Download this newly updated White Paper to learn how to develop an events strategy for a post-pandemic world that will engage your donors in a meaningful way and help achieve the goals of your organization.

A fundraiser meeting with a donor [Make it Meaningful: 3 Questions to Help Move Your Donor Relationship Forward]

Featured Blog – Make it Meaningful: 3 Questions to Help Move Your Donor Relationship Forward

A lot of fundraisers think that getting a meeting with a donor means they’re moving the relationship forward. But that’s not how it works. In this blog post, Jeff shares that before you even set up a donor meeting, there are three questions you need to answer first if your goal is to deepen the relationship. Read it here.

Jeff Schreifels and Lisa Robertson of Veritus Group

Question of the Month Why do we recommend a mid-level caseload size of 500-700 donors?

In our experience working with mid-level officers over the years, we’ve found that a caseload size of 500-700 donors is what most people can comfortably manage while creating meaningful connections on a one-to-some level. 

Mid-level caseloads are larger than what we recommend for major gifts because it’s one-to-some instead of one-to-one communication, but it still requires a more personal, relational approach than a direct mail program. The exact size of your caseload may be smaller or larger than our 500-700 range, depending on things like what percentage of your time you spend on mid-level and the tools you have available to help manage and streamline your communications.

In this Question of the Month video, Lisa and Jeff explain why most of our fundraiser clients work with a mid-level caseload of around 600 donors. Watch the video here.


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