We’ve rounded up some of the latest and greatest content pieces from our team here at Veritus Group, just in case you missed it. Whether you’re looking for your next podcast episode to download or just some fresh inspiration for your work as a fundraiser, we’ve got you covered!

NEW Podcast Episode – Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Fundraising Effectiveness Project Report

The 2023 Fundraising Effectiveness Project report revealed that for the first time in a decade, the national average for major giving revenue went DOWN by -4% in 2022. This has generated a lot of concern in the fundraising community about the future of philanthropy. In this podcast episode, Jeff and Richard examine the results of the report and share how non-profits can adopt strategies to reverse these trends and increase giving to their organization. Listen here.

Webinar Replay – From $5,000 to $50,000: How to Move Mid-Level Donors into Transformational Giving

We had a great conversation with our community last month in this live webinar featuring Jeff Schreifels (Principal, Veritus Group) and Kara Ansotegui (Director of Client Services, Veritus Group). Be sure to watch the replay for some great tips and strategies for how to engage your mid-level donors and inspire them to give transformationally.

NEW White Paper Release – Three Operating Principles of Major Gift Fundraising

Have you had a chance to read our latest White Paper? This free resource outlines the principles that fuel how you think about and relate to your donors. These principles must be core to your culture and strategy if you’re going to create meaningful and authentic relationships with your donors.

Unfortunately, many organizations have cultures that perpetuate a transactional mindset, often without realizing it. Wherever systems exist that treat donors as a source of cash, put the money as a priority over the relationship, or fail to get to know the donor more deeply, you have a transactional system. This can appear in many different ways, including gift processing that isn’t prompt, a failure to report back on a donor’s gift, or no specifics to include in donor offers.

Staying true to these principles takes dedication and commitment across the organization. And if you achieve this, you’ll see a transformation in your fundraising efforts. You can download your copy here.

Featured Blog – The Ultimate Leadership Question: “How Can I Help?”

As a leader, you might feel like people expect you to have all the answers. But counterintuitively, it’s the questions you ask that matter most.

In this piece, Karen shares examples of how leadership can improve employee morale and solve organizational challenges by changing the questions they’re asking. Read it here.

Question of the Month How do you actually tier a caseload?

After you’ve qualified your donors, tiering your caseload is the next step to help you focus your time so that you’re spending the majority of your effort on donors who have both a deep connection to your organization AND the potential to give significantly. But how do you know which donors should be considered “Tier A” with the highest level of personalized outreach, versus “Tier C” with less personalization in their messaging?

In this Question of the Month video, Richard and Jeff discuss how to determine which of your donors belong in Tier A, B, or C, how many donors should be in each tier, and how to allocate your time between each donor group. Watch the video here.


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