Life Change AheadThe beauty of major gift fundraising is that you get to know donors in an intimate way. You’re in an enviable position among your other fundraising peers.
Your direct-response colleagues are working with a mass audience and trying their hardest to segment the file to make their messages as personal as possible, but they’ll never be able to achieve what you can. You get to know your donors so well that you know their passions and interests and why they have them.
This is why working in major gifts is so wonderful! You get to help change someone’s life.
You get to bring your donors joy and happiness by asking them to give.
You allow your donor to loosen their grip on the power of money by asking them to give.
You help your donor make a positive impact on the world by asking them to give.
You’re alleviating a need by asking them to give.
You bring justice to the world by asking them to give.
Your work as a major gift fundraiser is changing lives and making the world a better place. (Tweet it!)
You get to do this every day!
When you get down – or you’re feeling pressure, and fear starts to creep up and tap you on the shoulder – pause and remember this.
This is why you’re doing this work, and this is why Richard and I believe it’s the greatest profession in the world.
Thank you.