Over the past several weeks, I’ve been to three fundraising conferences. As I walk around the halls of these conferences and after doing presentations, fundraisers have been coming up to me telling me how our Permission-Based Asking model changed their life.

Now, I know that sounds dramatic, but this is not hyperbole.

Over the years, Richard and I have written countless times about how we’ve run into frontline fundraisers who have never actually asked a donor for a gift. I must be honest with you that I got a little angry with those fundraisers. Like, what do you think your job is?

But I stepped back and really tried to understand why these fundraisers were not asking. It’s about fear and not having proper training or understanding about what you are trying to do as a fundraiser… to bring joy to a donor by addressing a need in our society.

This is what the fundraisers were telling me in the hallways of conferences. It goes like this: “I used to dread the idea of asking a donor for a gift.” “I hated the thought of having a meeting with a donor and hitting them up for a gift.” “I was so afraid I was going to mess up my presentation, I would panic when it came time for the ask.”

Fortunately, after telling me this, then came the “but.” “But after I learned about and practiced the Permission-Based Asking Model from your course, my entire mindset about asking changed, and it’s transformed my career.”

Are you afraid to ask a donor for a gift? Do you feel uncomfortable in donor meetings? Are you struggling to know how to guide and respect a donor as you are soliciting them for a gift? Do you need a tool to help guide your conversations in a way that is respectful and asks the donor for permission to continue the conversation with them?

If this is you – I encourage you to download our white paper on Permission-Based Asking or sign up for our on-demand course on Making Effective Donor Asks and transform the way you think about asking donors to give.

Okay, I know this blog sounds sort of like a commercial, but I write about things that have touched my heart or have affected me. After having so many fundraisers reach out to me over the last several weeks specifically about how Permission-Based Asking has changed their lives, I wanted you know: 1) you are not alone if you’re afraid to ask, and 2) there is a tool for you that will change the way you have been doing fundraising.

And the white paper is free. You can download it here.

You want to do your job well. Donors want to be cared for and respected. In doing your job well, you will help your donors find joy through their partnership with your mission, and you will help them change the world. Are you ready to move past your fears and learn how to ask appropriately, using a proven method that honors your donors at every step?