How frequently do you move donors off your caseload? Once a year? Never? Only if they ask to be removed?

Most fundraisers (and leaders) are not in the habit of regularly moving donors off of major gift caseloads, which results in caseloads that are bloated with donors that shouldn’t be there. In our system and structure, we recommend a caseload of 150 major donors. But when we analyze caseloads, we regularly see caseloads with 300… 500… or even 1,000 donors on it.

That size caseload is completely overwhelming. There is no chance you can serve your donors well when you have that many to manage.

Your time is so valuable if you’re going to help achieve your organization’s mission. That means you need to stay focused on the donors who most want to engage, are passionate about your work, and truly desire to make an impact on your mission.

In this Question of the Month video, Richard and Jeff talk about the two objectives of donor management and why these should be your guide to determine if it’s time to disqualify a donor.